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Health Park Tourism, organizes international HEALTH TOURISM from all over the world, primarily from Europe and America, Turkey Istanbul based health tourism company, an active member of TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) which has the accreditation coded 13839.

Health Park Tourism



Hotel & Transfer

Transfer to the hotel with VIP vehicles waiting for you at the airport


5 Stars Hotel

Accommodation in our 5-star hotel under the control of our specialist doctor before and after the operation. You will be able to use all the facilities offered by the hotel.


Inspection and Operation

Being taken from the hotel by a VIP vehicle, taken to the hospital, examined and informed about the operation. Performing the operation with our expert team in our hospital


Control and Transfer

Transferring the patients who were transferred from the hotel to the hospital for the final control, to the airport after the control of our specialist doctor.

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Health Park Tourism

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If you are looking for a successful, experienced, successful and customer satisfaction company, you can choose us.

You can contact our representatives on our contact page and determine the most suitable one for you and make an appointment.

Since our priority is quality and satisfaction, our prices may be higher than other companies.

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Health Park Tourism


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