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Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction

Health Park Tourism | Breast Reduction

What Is Breast Reduction ?

The doctor makes an incision around the nipple. The cutting is continued in a straight vertical line up to the chest crease. Sometimes an additional incision can be made in the fold under the breast. Sometimes a “graft-free sinus” may be required for an extremely large breast.

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Breast Reduction | Health Park Tourism

How Is Breast Reduction Performed ?

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. In some cases, the doctor may prefer local anesthesia with sedation.

• The surgery is performed through incisions made around the nipple and from the nipple to the underside of the breast tissue,

• The operation takes between 2 and 4 hours under general anesthesia,

• Excess fat tissues are removed from the breast with various equipment and liposuction devices, the incisions are closed with stitches and the surgery is over.


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What To Expect After Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • A drainage is used in the wound to help prevent fluid build-up,
  • Bruising and swelling,
  • Possible drowsiness,
  • Pain and discomfort.



A Member of TÜRSAB

Organizing treatment of international patients from all over the world, mostly from Europe to Turkey, Health Park Tourism is a member of TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) with the code 13839 and has been accredited by the Ministry of Health (AK-0452).

VIP Standards

Health Park Tourism welcomes its guests from the airport with its team and transfers them to their hotels. Health park tourism provides international service with VIP vehicles to transfer patients during the treatment process, and personal consultants available 24/7.

Team Accessible 24/7

Health Park Tourism offers 24/7 video call guidance and supports with its professional staff to assist its guests to avoid language barriers in a foreign country, understanding and assisting them in the best way possible.

Free Consulting

Health Park Tourism offers free video consultation before the treatment and unlimited regular check-up follow-ups in order to support its patients after the treatment.

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Health Park Tourism | Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Meme Küçültme hakkında merak ettiklerinize aşağıdan ulaşabilirsiniz. 👇

Some women who have had breast reduction surgery can breastfeed their children without any problems. However, this can often be difficult to predict. Still, there will generally be a blockage in the milk ducts. Therefore, even if you have milk, you may not be able to breastfeed with full efficiency.

Early complications (bleeding, infection, hematoma, pain, fat necrosis, etc.) after breast reduction surgery are rare complications in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon under good hospital conditions. These are usually side effects that can occur in any surgery. The most important complication specific to this surgery is a color problem that may occur in the areola. In this case, there is a very rare but possible darkening in the areola area. Long-term risks may include asymmetry, scarring, breastfeeding problems. These chances can be reduced with a good postoperative follow-up with the surgeon.

After the breast reduction procedure, a scar remains on the breast. However, this scar may be minimal depending on the skin type. In very rare cases, if the problem is only large and saggy breasts, liposuction can slightly reduce the size of the breasts. But this reduction is very limited and causes the breasts to sag a little.

The level of pain after breast reduction surgery is not different from other types of surgery. It can be easily controlled with painkillers and cold compresses. There may be occasional burning and stinging in the range of 6 to 12 months after surgery. However, very severe pain is not very common.

There are many reasons for this. Due to aging and hormonal changes, breast tissue shrinks and becomes smaller, which causes the breast to progressively discharge and sag more. Breastfeeding mothers are more likely to have sagging breasts. Since the breasts are fuller before breastfeeding, they become tighter and looser when the milk ducts are emptied. When this is repeated over and over, the breasts naturally sag.

The criteria used to obtain aesthetically proportional breasts are the patient’s shoulder and chest width and general body measurements. In patients who need to maintain breastfeeding function, the breast size can be slightly reduced. In the pre-operative consultation, your doctor will inform you about how small your breasts can be.


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