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What is DHI Hair Transpalantation ?

In FUE, the surgeon cuts the channels in your scalp before implanting the hair follicles. During DHI, s/he uses a special pen that can do both at the same time.

Direct hair transplantation (DHI) is another version of the FUE technique.
In FUE, the surgeon cuts the channels in your scalp before implanting the hair follicles. During DHI, s/he uses a special pen that can do both at the same time.

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DHI Hair Transplantation | Health Park Tourism

How Is DHI Performed?

The doctor removes hair follicles from a certain part of the scalp and places them in bald areas. As a result of this treatment, new hair appears.

During the procedure:

  • The doctor applies local anesthesia to numb the patient.
  • S/he harvests the hair follicles from the back of the head with the help of a fine-tipped special tool.
  • The hair follicles will be transferred to the pen-shaped tool and applied to the balding part of the scalp.
  • Finally, the doctor will apply an antibiotic cream and bandage all areas.

FUE and DHI surgeries usually take about 8 hours but the exact time varies according to the number of hair follicles to be transplanted. The full results of the surgery become visible in 12 to 18 months.


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What Are The Advantages Of DHI Hair Transplantation?

As with all hair transplantation techniques, the DHI technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages of DHI are:

  • Quicker recovery
  • Temporary scar formation
  • High density root transplant



A Member of TÜRSAB

Organizing treatment of international patients from all over the world, mostly from Europe to Turkey, Health Park Tourism is a member of TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) with the code 13839 and has been accredited by the Ministry of Health (AK-0452).

VIP Standards

Health Park Tourism welcomes its guests from the airport with its team and transfers them to their hotels. Health park tourism provides international service with VIP vehicles to transfer patients during the treatment process, and personal consultants available 24/7.

Team Accessible 24/7

Health Park Tourism offers 24/7 video call guidance and supports with its professional staff to assist its guests to avoid language barriers in a foreign country, understanding and assisting them in the best way possible.

Free Consulting

Health park tourism offers free video consultation before the treatment and unlimited regular check-up follow-ups in order to support its patients after the treatment.

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DHI Hair Transplantation FAQ?

You can find out what you are wondering about DHI Hair Transplantation below. 👇

Some hair transplantation clinics claim that the grafts are not damaged at all in the DHI technique. Actually, this information is wrong. The grafts taken are placed in the implanter pens, so while placing the grafts in the incisions, this causes trauma to the grafts, just like in the FUE operation. The most important point in both techniques is to keep these traumas at minimum level.

As there are many clinics claiming to be better in terms of marketing, there is a misconception that DHI is the best method. But it is not right to say that it is the best option for every patient. This method is a good option for those who want to have a higher density of hair before their recipient areas are to become completely bald.

In the Sapphire FUE operation, incisions (canals) and implantation are the two different stages of surgery. In the DHI procedure, implantation and incisions are made simultaneously with implanter pens.

Hair transplantation is an operation that should give natural results. The amount of graft you will get directly depends on your donor area capacity. Even if you have a good donor area, it is not recommended to get more than 4500-5000 grafts in one sitting.

The duration of hair transplantation varies depending on the area to be transplanted and the amount of hair transplantation. The hair transplantation process takes about four to eight hours.

Anyone between the ages of 18-65 can undergo hair transplantation. However, it is quite critical to take the patient’s current hair loss into consideration. For instance, if a 22-year-old patient only wants the front line, this is the right option for him. However, hair loss may continue until the end of the 30s. That is why it is recommended to use supplements and additional treatments to prevent your hair from falling time, and to protect your natural hair after hair transplantation.


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