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Intragastric Balloon

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Health Park Tourism | Intragastric Balloon

How Is Intragastric Balloon Procedure Performed?

General anesthesia is applied to the patient. With the endoscopic method, a thin, deflated balloon is placed in the patient’s stomach. then a salty water is filled into the placed balloon.The balloon placed is filled with salty water.

In case of any gastric balloon rupture, blue dye is put into the balloon so that it can be detected in the urine of the person. The balloon can be filled with varying amounts of solution to suit the body structure. The intragastric balloon remains in the stomach for about 6 months.

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Health Park Tourism | Intragastric Balloon

What Are The Advantages of Intragastric Balloon?

  • It doesn’t require any incision.
  • The procedure takes a very short time. The intragastric balloon is removed in six months or less.
  • The outpatient procedure is performed under light anesthesia so the patient can go home the same day.
  • Reduces hunger.
  • Enables the patient to control his/her portions.


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Who Can Have Intragastric Balloon Procedure?

A person will be a suitable candidate for an intragastric balloon procedure if:

– S/he cannot lose weight through diet or exercise,

– S/he has one or more health problems related to obesity,

– His/her body mass index is in the range of 30 to 40.



A Member of TÜRSAB

Organizing treatment of international patients from all over the world, mostly from Europe to Turkey, Health Park Tourism is a member of TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) with the code 13839 and has been accredited by the Ministry of Health (AK-0452).

VIP Standards

Health Park Tourism welcomes its guests from the airport with its team and transfers them to their hotels. Health park tourism provides international service with VIP vehicles to transfer patients during the treatment process, and personal consultants available 24/7.

Team Accessible 24/7

Health Park Tourism offers 24/7 video call guidance and supports with its professional staff to assist its guests to avoid language barriers in a foreign country, understanding and assisting them in the best way possible.

Free Consulting

Health park tourism offers free video consultation before the treatment and unlimited regular check-up follow-ups in order to support its patients after the treatment.

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9 Years


Health Park Tourism | Intragastric Balloon

Intragastric Balloon FAQ?

You can find out what you are wondering about the Gastric Balloon below. 👇

According to research, majority of the weight loss takes place in the first 3 months (about 80%). After 4 months the balloon doesn’t play a big role in further weight loss so following a diet regimen afterwards is recommended.

Patients who prefer intragastric balloon lose around 13-15 kg in 4 months. If the patient follows a diet under the guidance of a dietitian, s/he can lose up to 25-30 kg.

The balloon, which occupies a certain area of the stomach, will help you feel full in a short time by eating less. Another benefit of the intragastric balloon is that it slows down the passage of food from the stomach and helps you feel full for longer.

Depending on the type of treatment plan, the balloon should be removed from the stomach after 6 months or 1 year. Removal of the balloon from the stomach is performed by endoscopy under anesthesia. The liquid in the inflated balloon is first discharged and then taken out with the help of an endoscope.

These side effects last 2-3 days at most. If a patient experiences these effects stronger than usual, they can be overcomed with the help of medication. Later, there may be side effects such as stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting. These side effects last 2-3 days at most. If a patient experiences these effects more severe than usual, they can be overcome with the help of medication.

It can be applied to individuals with a body mass index of 27 and above, between the ages of 18-70, who didn’t undergo bariatric surgery before. In addition, gastric balloon is an alternative treatment method for those who have an inconvenient disease and do not want to have a surgical operation.


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