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Laminate Veneer

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Laminate Veneer

Health Park Tourism | Laminate Veneer

How Is Laminate Veneer Treatment Applied?

Porcelain laminate treatment is usually completed in 2-3 sessions. This process may vary depending on the number and condition of teeth to be treated. In the first session of the treatment, measurements are taken without any intervention on the teeth. The desired look, which is planned to be achieved as a result of the operation, is designed on a model obtained from the tooth size and the mold is prepared for the fitting stage.

In the next session, the patient is fitted for the prepared mold to achieve the planned look. If the fitting goes well, the front surfaces of the teeth are etched and a place for the porcelain laminate is prepared. In this treatment, since the etching is minimal, not much pain is felt. If necessary, local anesthesia can be applied so that the patient does not feel pain. After the etching process, a new measurement is made to apply the model in which the porcelain laminate will be prepared. Temporary laminate is bonded to the teeth surface to remain until the day the porcelain laminate is bonded. Thus, the possibility of sensitivity in the teeth is prevented, and action is taken for the problems that may occur in the intermediate sessions. During preparation of the porcelain laminates, their compatibility with the teeth is tested and they’re bonded to the teeth with adhesives.

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Laminate Veneer | Health Park Tourism

In Which Cases Are Porcelain Laminates Attached?

Porcelain laminates are used to change the dimensional properties of teeth. They’re especially preferred for extending the length of the teeth and closing the gaps between the teeth. Treatment of fractures, cracks or abrasion problems on the front surface of the teeth or in the incision area can be performed using porcelain laminates. They can be used to permanently change the color characteristics of teeth that have discolored as a result of certain factors or that are genetically in dark tones. Porcelain laminates can be applied as an alternative to orthodontic treatment with some necessary etching in people with minimal crowding. Porcelain laminates can also be used to renew the smile profile in smile design.


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What Are The Advantages Of Laminate Veneer Treatment?

For treatment, very little etching is required on the front surface of the teeth. During the procedure, the natural forms of the teeth are largely preserved. The porcelain laminates used have high resistance to etching. They become more durable when adhered to the teeth surface. No color change occurs in the material over time. The porcelain laminate to be applied is prepared with a polished surface. In this way, staining problems that may occur on the surface of products with coloring properties such as cigarettes, tea and coffee are minimized. Planned changes in teeth are designed before the procedure. Fitting material is prepared based on this design and the patient is informed about the result of the planned procedure.



A Member of TÜRSAB

Organizing treatment of international patients from all over the world, mostly from Europe to Turkey, Health Park Tourism is a member of TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) with the code 13839 and has been accredited by the Ministry of Health (AK-0452).

VIP Standards

Health Park Tourism welcomes its guests from the airport with its team and transfers them to their hotels. Health park tourism provides international service with VIP vehicles to transfer patients during the treatment process, and personal consultants available 24/7.

Team Accessible 24/7

Health Park Tourism offers 24/7 video call guidance and supports with its professional staff to assist its guests to avoid language barriers in a foreign country, understanding and assisting them in the best way possible.

Free Consulting

Health Park Tourism offers free video consultation before the treatment and unlimited regular check-up follow-ups in order to support its patients after the treatment.

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Health Park Tourism | Laminate Veneer

Laminate Veneer FAQ

You can find out what you are wondering about Laminate Veneer below. 👇

No, no special care routine is required. In this case, daily habits such as brushing and flossing will suffice. Although they’re unlikely to have any discoloration, your dentist may warn you to avoid excessive consumption of coffee and tea.

Once applied, they do not need to be replaced. They’re for a lifetime. Since they are not easily affected by coffee, tea and smoking, they remain the same over the years.

Laminates are basically attachments to teeth. It’s very difficult for them to fall off after being placed with medical adhesives. However, the patient should avoid biting into very hard food in order not to damage the veneers.

It cannot be applied if the patient has severely crooked teeth, has a habit of teeth grinding or cannot close mouth anatomically.

You should quit your teeth grinding habit. You should avoid biting hard food that you cannot bite with your original teeth. You should brush your teeth regularly and most importantly, you shouldn’t skip your visits to your dentist.

Both are reinforced metal-free porcelain materials that have the best compatibility with the gums. Generally, e – Max veneers are recommended for front teeth, while zirconia veneers are recommended for molars as they are slightly harder and more durable.


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